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Hi there, I am currently holding a F-1 visa. Just graduated from college and now I am working under my F-1 Optional Practical Training period.

I am a Hong Kong citizen, however, this is my 7th calendar year studying/living in the US.

My question is whether it will make a difference on the amount of tax return if I am holding a BNO passport (British National Overseas passport) Versus a HKSAR passport (Special Administrative Region passport)

Thanks! 🙂


Only during first 5-years on F1/OPT, you deduction on the nonresident tax return depends upon the tax treaty between your country of citizenship and the U.S.
After 5-years you will file resident tax return and can not take treaty benefit. Your income is subject to FICA (social security and Medicare) taxes.
Read Your U.S. Tax Return: The U.S. Visas

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