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The patriot act, like the Progressive Democrat’s Digges Amendment of Maryland, can, and will be used to disenfranchise minorities of their civil liberties.

Now why would I use such an analogy, and is it accurate?

The Digges Amendment was passed by the legislature and approved by the Governor for the sole end of disenfranchising the African-Americans of their right to vote. However, the people of the State of Maryland had the foresight to see that it could, if anyone desired, be used against the Jew, the Pole, the Italian, and any other group not complying with the limitations on voting rights written into the amendment. The good people of the State of Maryland, by popular vote tossed the amendment out and into History.

When questioned about the amendment those who supported it whispered… “it will only be applied to Niggers, not Jews or Italians, or any other Immigrants… just the Niggers.”

Well, guess what… when questioned about the, “The patriot act”… what answers do you get… perhaps…“It will only be applied to the (Immigrants) Terrorist”,… not the good Americans?

I think it’s time the American People tossed this one out.


The question the article you cite poses is if Gonzalez lied to Congress during reauthorization hearings . On post #4 I pointed out that the law had been absed by the FBI.

The FBI’s transgressions were spelled out in a 126-page audit by Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine. Shoddy record-keeping and human error were to blame for the bulk of the problems, they found no indication of criminal misconduct.FBI Director Robert S. Mueller said many of the problems were being fixed, including by building a better internal data collection system and training employees on the limits of their authority. Gonzalez asked the auditors to do a follow-up investigation .

But this proves nothing except that the acts provisions were violated . You don’t throw out a law because it has been violated . The Patriot act has been revised and renewed and will continue to be the focus of scrutiny and more revision. It has also been a valuable tool that as Elliot pointed out helped break the wall that kept valuable information away from decision makers pre- 9/11 .

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