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Let start a movement to vote out all incumbents, since all they do is nothing for the people of this country.

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about his movement to vote out all incumbents, it time for a change, so let your voice be heard send your letter and vote in 2008 against all incumbents, this will send a very clear message to the political players.

Timing is right to start this now.



Not a bad thought at all. However there are some who I think merit being reelected . I am an advocate of term limits however . I used to be opposed to them because they were undemocratic . But now I think the power of incumbency is so great that it gives them an unfair advantage . Some of these guys like John Conyers have been in forever . I don’t believe the founders envisioned a permanent political class in charge. I think they envisioned the citizen statesman who would serve for a limited time before they went back to the real world.

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