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I’m posting this to get this off my chest. My friend ana does some bad things. She told me about this stuff and doesn’t want me to tell ANYONE. I thought that since this is an anonymous web site I could tell someone about this and get rid of the guilt of holding in such a secret as this. She is the same age as me (14) and she drinks behind her parents’ back, isn’t technically a virgin anymore but she still considers herself as one because “it was only ‘in-out’ done” which I think is just stupid because she did it for a DARE with one of her many friends who she met in her neighborhood who is at least 16 , she cuts herself, she has gone to juvy for beating someone up, she dates tons of guys from myspace, myyearbook, and Facebook. I just don’t want to be friends with her anymore because after she told me the stuff about drinking and all that I realized that I was hanging with the wrong person. We haven’t talked for over a month because of some whole marching band thing. She didn’t come to practice and I did and our teacher put me in the parade because I CAME TO PRACTICE and SHE DIDN’T SHOW UP. She was pi$$ed about that and was telling everyone that I “stole her spot”. I have also seen how mean she can be to other people and that pushed me even further to this decision. Also when I do go to her house for a sleep over she hangs on the computer talking to her myspace buddies and just lets me sit there doing absolutely nothing, completely ignoring me. She was also mad at me because this one guy (ryan) and I have a very close relationship and we both like each other a lot. Ana wasn’t only mean to me about this but she was also EXTREMELY mean to ryan. I am just fed up with her behavior and I don’t want to be friends anymore. What should I do? Should I call her to tell her this or wait until school starts (which is the 18th of august) to tell her about my decision?


You currently are not speaking and I would follow through with that.
She definitely has some real issues in her life and it appears that you aren’t even probably aware of all of them.
Continue not speaking and when school starts, if she creates any drama for you, immediately report her to the school, with all of the information and let them deal with her and her parents.
Let her walk her own self-destructive path.

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