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To All:

After several years of reliable service, my laptop suddenly is unable to connect to my home wireless network. I was given the “Limited or no connectivity” error. When I attempted to use the repair… it kept stopping because it was unable to renew my IP address. My router and modem are operating just fine because I am able to use my desktop.

I’m not exactly the most computer/networking literate person, however, I did disable my firewall, etc. but no luck. I’m really at a loss here. Also, when I run a command, i.e. “ipconfig all” the box runs and closes “in a blink” before I can read what it says?

Router is a Netgear WGT624. Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite.

Can someone assist? Thanks in advance.



If you are running the ipconfig command via Start > Run, instead start a command prompt by entering “cmd” via Start > Run and then enter “ipconfig /all” to see the output. (“exit” to quit the command prompt)

If an address renewal isn’t working, either DHCP service isn’t being provided by your router or you have a wireless connectivity/other issue. Configuring a static address on the laptop adapter and seeing if you can reach the Internet or PING the router will determine which. Use your desktop’s IP settings configuration and increment the IP address by one to avoid duplicate IP addresses.

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