Using collective intelligence to brainstorm about new terrorist methods – Blessing or curse ?


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Collective intelligence and being connected on the web has created world-class open source software, vastly superior encyclopedias, and successful Arab revolutions.

Should we use collective intelligence to anticipate what the next major terrorist attack might be (in response to killing Osama Bin Laden)? Because when asking thousands of people this could create a comprehensive list so that our security forces can prepare themselves and think of counter strategies.

Or should we discourage the use of collective intelligence, because this might actually give potential terrorists brand new and very dangerous ideas?

Can you think of a diabolical terrorist act that probably no one has thought of and can’t be retrieved by a Google search?

Just answer yes or no, please.


Personally, what I fear most is biological warfare.
A cloud of Anthrax or other incurable and horrible diseases that would cause us all to perish in hideous ways. I’d much rather be bombed than die in the dirt of some horrible disease.

No, I cannot think of anything ‘diabolical’, my mind just doesn’t work that way.

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