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Hello, I’m 19 almost 20 and since I was about 17 I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night getting sick a couple of time and then just going back to sleep and fine for the rest of the night usually but sometimes my throat hurts so bad after and it doesn’t matter what I eat because I went to the doctor when it first started and they gave me Nexium and it doesn’t seem to help it has been getting worse latly and I still am not eating tomatoes and spicy foods. Is there some kind of specialist I should go see or something??


I am not a medical person but I have had a hiatal hernia for about 30 years and it sometimes causes reflux and the acid from the reflux burns the throat and usually causes terrible heartburn. I have had to elevate the head of the bed to use gravity to combat the acid getting up to the throat. But I am sure there can be other causes for your symptoms too. A good internist should be able to determine the cause.

I take a few antacids before I go to bed. I might have an attack once a year as long as I watch what I eat for 3 or 4 hours before bedtime. That’s a small price to pay to avoid the attacks because when I have an attack I usually aspirate some acid into my lungs and I sit straight up in bed and gasp what feels like my last breath. Its well worth avoiding. At your age you may be able to nip the problem in the bud.

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