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I am L1 visa holder and my wife is on L2 and working on EAD. I would like to know if any deductions could be shown on her W4 form as I am already showing her as a dependent on my W4 form. I am also filing my tax returns as the head of household and we have no kids or dependents. What is best way to fill her W4 form to avail better tax benefits?

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You CANNOT file as Head of Household, as you MUST be providing a home for someone OTHER than your spouse to claim that status.

Further, I am not even sure you should file as a resident alien. It MAY make more sense for you each to file as non-resident aliens, depending on when you arrived in the U.S.

You DO have the option of filing as a resident alien by filing jointly with your wife, but that is not necessarily your best option.

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