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Hi, this is my first time using this site so hello:) ,

My problem is I have very annoying neighbors:mad: , it started when we first moved into our new house, we had only been in the house for two days and that’s when they first came over to say hi, well that’s when it started there kids were over every day NOT invited while we were trying to unpack, they came in and ate all our food without asking they just walk in the front door without knocking and we have lots of animals and I’m scared they will run out, plus they bring there big dog over and its not fair on our dogs while we have to tie them up and they let there dog run loose, we’ve tried to tell them but they don’t get it, we just had a pool built and we can’t even enjoy it because we live on a corner and they are always walking or driving by and catch us out there and they drop there kids off, they come over on all the holidays we were just about to eat our thanksgiving dinner and they came over WITH the dog and the dog nearly ate the turkey, this will sound funny, they even came over on christmas day they drove past really slow to see what we were doing they did a u turn and pulled in the driveway:eek: , we had family over so we all just ran and hid because we couldn’t deal with it , they bash our door when they are locked so we can open up and if our doors are open they walk right in and say they are hungry for food and go into our pantry and help thenselves to our food they don’t just eat one thing they finish it all off then its not fair on my kids when they go to get something its all gone so I end up feeding the neighbors kids and my own kids miss out, we have never made it clear to them that we like this we try to drop hints and make comments without being horrible, they call nearly every day and we try to ignore the calls, we just don’t know what to do anymore, we also have other neighbors there not as bad but when when we see then there in our house again eating our food running round the house doing whatever they want.
We are so annoyed that we are thinking about moving but we love the house and it’s a shame it might come down to this.
Please if anyone has any sugestions on how to handle a situation like this please let us know:)


I would say that the presence of a law enforcement officer would not be out of order in your case. Every time they come over uninvited, for whatever reason, 911. Lather, rinse, repeat, until they get the picture that you value your privacy. Perhaps the police can investigate them for other, possibly criminal, activity. Then they might be moved to a “Gated Community” (prison).
I live next door to drug dealers and car thieves. Welcome to my world. But they leave me alone, now that a deputy moved in next door. 😀

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