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There are five stages to which a tornado typically goes through
through. Tornadoes are formed during the mature stage of a
supercell under the right conditions. The first stage of a
tornadoes life cycle is called the “Dust Whirl
This stage occurs when a wall cloud or any other
type of rotation above, whips up dirt, dust, leaves, grass, etc.
The second stage is called the “Organization
This stage is important to the tornado’s life
cycle because it is able to improve the structure, hence increasing
wind speed and velocity, and volume. The third stage of a tornado’s
life cycle is called the “Mature stage.” This
stage is when the tornado has typically reached it’s greatest,
strength, size, wind speed, and maturity. The forth stage is called
the “Disipating stage.” During this stage, the
tornado begins to weaken, shrink, and lose its structure. Though in
some cases tornadoes may intensify as they shrink The Final stage
of the tornado’s life cycle is called the “Rope
The rope stage happens when the tornado literally
has little TO NO STRUCTURE AT ALL. The tornado twists and turns,
bends and winds, in all types of shapes and directions.

However, this is concept is somewhat idealized. Not all tornadoes
go through these five stages as described.

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