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wake up in the morning lookin greener than shrek
(where’s that donkey)
sleepin’ in a tub can really mess up your neck
before I leave i stop to vomit up tequila and glitter
it seems im spending every morning with my head in the shi**er.

Got vomit up in my hair (hair)
But im way to sick to care (care)
now im falling down the stairs
I I I pull myself off the floor
then im almost out the door
but my family is waiting for me.

Oh crap, not again, its an intervention.
it’s cool, im fine, i can stop it anytime.

That’s a lie, you wont try, now you’ve made your mother cry, look!
Oh oh oh OH, Oh oh oh OH

Im outta here, this is queer, ill just drink a couple beers
Dont leave, we love you, we even hired dr. drew.
this pattern needs to end
i think i have to puke again
Oh oh oh ugh, ugh ugh uggghhh

so i decide to stay but my head is still reelin’
then they all go down the line talkin’ bout their feelings
it makes me sad when i see you brush your teeth with jack
also you borrowed my cool bike and never gave it back.

stop showin’ off your butt (butt)
Your making young girs act like sluts (sluts)
and your starting to get a beer gut, beer gut.
This behavior is a dead end.
and P. Diddy, is not your friend.
You’ll end up like Lindsay Lohan.
Lo Lo Lo Lo Lohaaannnn.

This is why, I feel trapped.
We want the old Ke$ha back.
screw you, dr. drew, and your stupid camera crew.

Hey you, don’t have to shout
we’re just trying to help you out
oh oh oh OH, oh oh oh OH
okay, its time you know
this is just a video.
i don’t drink, or pee in sinks
its what i want my fans to think
its all an act, and in fact, its even in the contract.
oh oh oh OHHHH!
(we didnt know!)

Hahahahaha, oh Goddd, ughhh.

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