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Nothing. Tick Tock (Andrew Quick is his real name) is not a character in The Stand. He is from The Dark Tower Series of books. However, Trashcan Man (Donald Merwin Elbert) who is in The Stand, ultimately brought about the downfall of the Las Vegas (Randall Flagg’s group) by bringing a nuclear weapon to town to give to Flagg to make up for destroying a lot of stuff Flagg was staging to attack the Boulder people with. The bomb is detonated by The Hand of God killing all those in Vegas, except Flagg. He escapes and re-appears in Central America. Although it is later noted in the Dark Tower series that Tick Tock and Trashcan are similar. In King’s world it is hinted that they are “twinners”. A sort of copy of each other in different universes. A character named Richard Fannin claims to have chosen Quick because he reminds him of a man who once served him and whom he still has a sentimental spot for. He then asks Quick to repeat the phrase “My Life for You”. Randall Flagg = Richard Fannin. King uses the initials RF for his villains throughout his universes. It is hinted at more than once and also sometimes outright said that they are all one in the same man/being.

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