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My friend says that I don’t listen to her and I force her into finding a boyfriend. I don’t do that. The thing is that she never listens when I’m talking to her. I’ll be saying something and she doesn’t know it because she was paying attention to something else. And she keeps forcing me to break up with my boyfriend. I understand that they don’t get along but she is my friend and he is my boyfriend. I can’t choose between them. What do I do? She is making me angry!! 😡 :confused: 😡 :confused: 😡


First: You have your own experiances to live through.

Second: No one can force you to do anything you do not want to do.

Third: There is not any reason to have to chose between them and anybody that is trying to convince you to do that is not a true friend.

What do you do. You do what makes you happy and make your own decisions, not based on what others want, but what you want.


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