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I’ve bin reasearching from different books, documentarys, web sites, and such to find facts of alcohol. I have come to a few inferences of my own as well.

First, in western society, canada + u.s. people are not really sure on what “too much” means. –What do you think?–

Second, Drinking more than your body can handle makes you about as intlegent as a cave-man, maybe a neanderthal? –What do you think?–

Third, People are starting to drink when ever they do anything fun, thus “reinforcing the need” to drink. I mean really how many people can just go out drink one or two drinks and dance/socialize with other people? I’m sure the minority is causing trouble.

Fourth, are you an alcoholic, or a binge drinker? Do you know the difference? Do you care?

My answer is I didn’t know the answers until I read up on it, and I’m ashamed to admit I was fooled into believing in alcohol myths. I like to call them “general Misconceptions”. Basically ideas that the general population accepts, for various reasons, but they are not really true.


A responsible person knows when enough is enough. I can go out and have one or two drinks and stop myself if I know I have had enough. I happen to have a high tolerance so people tend to think I don’t know my limit. They change their minds when I’m the one walking out of the club under my own power and they are in the corner barfing up their liquor because they don’t know their own limits.

Second… getting drunk for most people is the point of drinking. Kind of like weed. For some, there is no point in smoking if you don’t do enough to feel the effects. Some people simply like the feeling of… freedom I guess. Like letting loose, no worries, just enjoying what the alcohol is accomplishing. But I would have to disagree with your assessment that drinking more than one’s body can handle makes you as intelligent as a neanderthal. That’s taking it a bit far. You can’t lump everyone who gets drunk into that category simply because there are many different kinds of drunks. There are happy drunks, mean drunks, sad drunks, silent drunks, sleepy drunks, idiot drunks, etc. etc. for the idiot drunks, I would say that they act like morons, but I still wouldn’t go so far as to call them neanderthals though I get your point.

Third… you would be utterly surprised at the number of people who know what their limit is and can control themselves. Do more research before you generalize that one.

Fourth… I myself am just a drinker. I can drink everyday or not. I can go weeks without drinking and then have a drink one day and go another few weeks without drinking and be fine. So I suppose I don’t care what people classify me as. The only person that needs to understand me is me so who cares? People call me an alcoholic as a joke because I do like the taste of liquor and drink most anything. Is that a crime? I think not.

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