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read the book!! i think it’s on wiki too so if you search it up (make sure you add the author) it like shows the entire plot and summary and crap. kind of a spoiler…
don’t read this, unless you want the ending to be spoiled. k. cause now im regretting doing this.

but anyways it’s kind of crazy, they like.. take down stark, but she’s still nikki, and brandon’s boss and felix and christopher get a job there. and it has a super cute ending.
i always get being nikki and runaway mixed up, like certain parts of it.
NO! she’s at a party and Mr. Stark catches her and then destroys the phone which he THINKS she recorded everything on but it’s not and then they use it against him. and it’s on new years and i’m not gonna tell you about Lulu and Nikki’s brother because you need to find that out for yourself(;

Stark gets found out and em ends up with Christopher
Runaway is the sequel to Being Nikki and the ending to the Airhead trilogy.

So if you haven’t read the first two, I would suggest you click the back button so that it doesn’t spoil the other two books.

This also includes spoilers of the book Runaway, so if you haven’t read that well, don’t read, unless you want to know the plot and ending of the book.

Well, basically in this book Em is held prisoner by Brandon Stark and everyone else thinks that they are just on some kind of romantic getaway. With them is the real Nikki Howard, her brother and mother oh yeah and her dog. Niki is trying to seduce Brandon back to her, Brandon is kind of seducing Nikki for the information but also seducing Em, and Em is all sad because Christopher hasn’t called her at all, and she is sure he hates her guts. Then Nikki announces that she wants her body back.

Then one night Christopher comes into her room, and she’s all happy and he’s all happy until she tells him he can’t leave, then he gets all pissed off and leaves her. The next morning Em sees her sister and Lulu working in the kitchen and they help all of them escape and bring Brandon with them also. Em finds a way to shut Brandon up and she wants to get on the good side of Christopher again, but he continually ignores her. They get back and her parents want her to quit modeling because of her grades which is impossible, and so they suggest that they pool all their money together to buy her out of her contract, which is impossible unless they go bankrupt, of course. She leaves the meeting with her parents feeling depressed and sees someone watching her, most definitely from Starks she calls a bunch of people but no one can help her, in the end she calls Christopher who helps her but is still very cold, but on their cab ride to Felix’s house he kisses her on the lips, she is confused.


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    When they get to Felix’s they hack into the Stark computer and see that there are a bunch of records of healthy young people which they are very confused about.

    A bunch of stuff happens later, people hook up (*cough* Lulu and Steven) and Nikki gets a makeover and all her desires to change bodies with Em go away. The pre-fashion show party comes and Christopher cautions her not to go because they found out the thing that Robert Stark is a part of is called “Project Phoenix” and that Em is part of it.

    Em doesn’t listen and goes anyways. She later finds out that Robert Stark is selling young bodies have brain transplants with his older “stock holders” and that Em was just a prototype. Em takes a video of the meeting that makes it into the hands of Christopher and Felix who get it onto the news.

    Brandon becomes head of the company (and hooks up with Em’s manager), Robert Stark goes to jail, Nikki and Gabriel get together, Felix and Frida hook up and it all ends happily ever after. (It was a cute ending)

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