What is one reason Fascist governments of Mussolini and Hitler came to power in Italy and Germany is that these nations ? – History, Politics & Society


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Because there was no plan to take care of Italy and Germany after the Great War these nations were left in great ruins with high levels of unemployment. When these conditions happen people will look to there governments for hope and changes. Guys like Hiltler offered change. They said that the Jewish people were taking all the jobs. And they were lining their owns pockets with the dollars of Hard Working Germans. He could only look at History the Jews had been bankers since there earliest day.
Because these poor conditions were allowed to happen the US developed the Marshall plan. This plan in a sense rebuilds the country that the US has a war with. By doing this you win the Hearts and Minds of the people. You achieve a prewar economy quicky and can move the population to a non militant stance. You allow them to retain there nationality and pride.

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