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I’m a mature adult quickly approaching 30 years of age. I love art and graphic design culture, drawing, writing, creating and imagining things, and while I know this is all part of the profession, I am a workaholic, and I rarely do much else than sit, think, and work, spending my time pining away over stories and ideas I someday hope to publish. I’m currently an unemployed student.

I love nostalgia… I have fond and not-so-fond memories of my relatively uneventful childhood, and while my skill as a designer/illustrator improves along and my storytelling abilities… I can’t help but think that I’m stuck in a cycle of working and daydreaming, and that somehow I’m developmentally stunted and not being the adult I should be simply because the creative nature of the work.

I think the work keeps my young and inquisitive and entertained… So I ask, anyone, but especially creatives, what is the escape velocity of childishness? At what point did you grow beyond the want for childish things? What are you doing in life, and do you still feel like a child at heart? Is it awkward? Will it pass?

Edit to clarify: I’m all in favor of retaining my childlike fascination and wonder and with the world.


I’m 16, and very creative, and guess what
The people on this site have often not realised how young I am, until they read my profile 🙂
Dude… old people use creams and pills and try so many things to try and recover their youth!
Young people are passionate, loud, we have spirit, we often still think that we can do anything that we set our minds too in our future, we often believe that we can do great things and not be trapped by our failures.
I am only just beginning to feel what older people must feel, the regret of past failures, of deadlines missed, of chances missed, oppurtunities lost…
Now, I worry about the future so much, I worry “am i gunna pass? have i failed and done poorly too much to get a good job and do well for the rest of my life?” and it eats me up so much.
Don’t ever think youth is bad.

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