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The ethnic makeup of Russia is as follows:

Russia’s population: 143 million people.

80.0% Russians
3.9% Tatars
2.0% Ukrainians
1.1% Bashkirs
1.0% Chuvash
12.0% others

Russians – originated from east Slavic tribes, and are not genetically different from Ukrainians and Poles. Most of them have light hair, light eyes and light skin color. Most Russians are Orthodox Christians.

Tatars – Turkic ethic group that migrated from north-eastern Gobi region in the 5th century, and mixed with local population. Current day Tatars comprise a spectrum of physical appearance, ranking from Mongoloid to Caucasoid. They are mostly Muslim.

Bashkir – another Turkic ethic group. Bashkirs are concentrated on the slopes of the southern Ural Mountains. Until the 13th century when they were first recorded, they were nomadic cattle breeders. They are Sunni Muslims. They also range from from Mongoloid to Caucasoid in appearance.

Chuvash – a Turkic ethic group, predominantly Orthodox Christians. In the 15th-16th centuries, Chuvash lands were incorporated into the Khanate of Kazan, and then in 1550 annexed by Russia.

Others – including Armenians (0,8% of the population), Chechens (0,9%) and Belorussians. In all, 160 different ethnic groups and indigenous peoples live in Russia.

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    Answer 2

    A broader classification would be to say that the two main Russian ethnic groups are

    Slavs (Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians and others) – about 83%
    Turkic (Tatars, Bashkirs, Chucash, Chechens and others) – about 10%

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