What kind of insecticides can you use to get rid of spiders infesting your house and garage ? – History, Politics & Society


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You might try a powder. Preferably DRION. simply dust the corners and any areas where they traffic. Also make sure you knock down all webs.

I use an item you can buy at Lowes, Home depot. It’s really a mouse trap, it has this really sticky substance on it and when something wlks on it it sticks to it.

I don’t have mice but I do have a lot of spiders and this thing works great for trapping spiders plus other insects. Just place them around the house, garage etc. and let it do the work. No smelly or unsafe chemicals either.

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  1. Spinach
    March 1, 2018 at 11:52 am

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    Answer 2:

    Years ago, I happened into a feed and seed store, a place where farmers and ranchers and other rural folks go to buy feed and animal medications and other necessities of the rural lifestyle. I found a can of spray insecticide on the shelf that has worked very well on every kind of insect I’ve used it on, spiders included.

    It’s active ingredient is pyrethrin, a synthetic form of a chemical that some flowers produce to protect themselves from insect pests. The big advantage of pyrethrins is that they are highly toxic to bugs, but not people or pets.
    In addition, it oxidizes quickly, leaving no toxic residue to impact kids or pets. In fact, it said on the label that it was FDA approved for use in a dairy barn, and the regulations on that are very strict.

    One three or four second sweep with this spray in my basement and you could watch the spiders start to fall from the ceiling. In our neighborhood, in the fall, most houses here are invaded by spiders looking for a warmer place to live than the cold outdoors.

    I don’t remember the brand name, but it wasn’t expensive, came in a big can, worked great and didn’t hurt anything but the bugs. I thought it was great stuff. Maybe you have a feed and seed store near you. Good luck.

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