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I’m 18 I just moved back in with my dad as I was living in another country now I’m back I’ve seen why I moved in the first place since moving back my stepmum has deliberately been so bad with me she constantly drops comments tells my dad lies steals from me tells lies to the rest of the family and try to get me to leave through threats and other stuff I know it sounds like small things its goten so bad now my dad won’t talk to me and the rest of my family has also turned away from me its driving me to change I’ve been done twice for abh and once for gbh I’ve started to drink heavily do steroids and a lot of drugs and more stuff but when I’m not around her I don’t do any of it but now I’m getting closer and closer to hitting here or my dad she is the whole reason my dad broke up with my mum and he now goes on holidays with her and doesn’t even tell me so I get home wondering if she carries on I’m going to get done for another assault and be put away for at least 9 months right now I don’t really care I would rather go away and show here that the world works in different ways I would appreciate any thoughts but I have tried steps such as seeing a therapist but that is why I got in trouble for assault maybee one of you know how to fix it I see only one way and that’s the way I’m trying to avoid


You are 18 do you have any friends or relatives you can move in with?
Do you work so you can save up and move out?
I’d say for right now stay away as much as possible. Spend your days looking for work if you aren’t working. Walk around the park or a mall. When you go home stay in your room as much as possible.

I would avoid her as much as possible until you can get it together enough to move out.

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