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It seems to me that–once upon a time–this country stood more or less unified. Sure, we’ve always bickered some amongst ourselves, but overall, it seemed like Americans as a whole were pretty much on the same side. Or at least petty differences didn’t have us all up in arms.

Nowadays, that spirit of unity seems to be eroding. I guess I started picking up on it in the late 80’s or so. No longer are groups simply saying, “Hey! We want to be accepted, too!” Now, they are screaming their superiority over all other groups, and demanding that things be THEIR way to the exclusion of all other ways. The spirit of compromise is gasping its dying breath, and no one is paying enough attention to start CPR. It almost seems as if people are now only willing to sacrifice or give in a little if doing so will cause their opponent more grief than themselves.

I don’t have any concrete examples to give you, but I don’t think I’m wrong. It’s a rare person who will give an opponent ANY credit for something they might’ve done that was good. It’s got to be all or nothing. Politics is a perfect example. The prevailing wisdom says that there’s no way in he! A Democrat/Republican could have a decent, workable idea, simply on the basis that they are a Democrat/Republican!

For all the talk about tolerance, I see precious little of it from anyone. Maybe that’s why the perceived and alleged “attacks” are so strong. After all, if you slam a guy up against a wall, what’s left for him to do?


Immanual Kant, perhaps one of the most abstract of the great philosophers, reminds us that “examples are the go-cart of judgment”. For we naturally think in examples and if a person cannot give any examples it is a sign that they may be wrong.

So I’ll just speculate too and say that I believe that there is just the illusion of a more fractured population because of media and the internet providing so much more information.

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