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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s best soccer players today.
A group of people were eager to know why Cristiano Ronaldo’s was
one of the most valuable players on the planet. They did
experiments on him.

First, they tested his sprinting ability. To see how good he was,
they invited Ángel David Rodríguez, who is a professional sprinter,
as a comparison to Ronaldo. They wanted them to compete straight
sprint over 25 meters and a 25 meters zig-zag course. The result
was, Ronaldo got 3.61 seconds while Ángel got 3.31 seconds in the
25 meters straight sprint. In the straight sprint test, Ronaldo’s
per stride distance was 1.7 meters whereas Ángel’s per stride
distance was 2.5 meters for the straight sprint. However, Ronaldo
beat the professional sprinter Ángel in the zig-zag course by half
a second in which Ángel got 6.86 seconds while Ronaldo got 6.35
seconds. The zig-zag course is designed to see how fast they can
change the direction which is vital in a football game. That’s why
Ronaldo was better at the zig-zag course rather than straight line
sprinting than Ángel. Next they measured his size in a 3D model,
his perimeter of thighs was 61 cm which is well above average. Then
they tested his jumping ability, at first they asked him not to use
his hands as assistance to help him do the high jump, the result
was 44 cm high which was surprisingly lower the average. However,
when he jumped like he would in a real football game, the result
was 78cm which was higher than the average NBA basketball player
can jump.

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