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The secret annex consisted of eight members at its full capacity.
Anne Frank and her family were the first members of the secret
annex. Her father, Otto Frank, her mother, Edith Frank, her sister,
Margot Frank, and Anne moved in to the secret annex on 6 July,
1942. A week later, on 13 July, 1942, the van Pels family (Hermann
van Pels, Auguste van Pels, and their son Peter van Pels with his
cat) joined the Franks. The last member to join was Fritx Pfeffer,
a unmaried dentist and acquaintance of both family, sometime in
November 1942. The van Pels are known as the van Daan and Fritx
Pfeffer was called Mr. Dussel in the original publication of Anne
Frank’s diary. All modern publications of her diary used their real
names instead of their pseudonyms.

The annex was organised in a way that the Frank family and Fritx
Pfeffer lives in two rooms on the first floor, the Van Pels family
in two other rooms on the second floor. The space used by Hermann
and Auguste van Pels also serves as the common living and dining
room. The people in hiding can reach the attic via Peter’s tiny
bedroom. Supplies were stored in the attic.

The only member of the secret annex to survive the war was Otto
Frank, who went on to publish Anne’s diary. Everyone else was
either gassed or died naturally in the Concentration Camps.

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