Why do I have to hire a lawyer to get my money after I received a court judgment in my favor ? – Law & Legal Issues


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It is my understanding that while the court judgment was in your favor meaning that the person owing you the money was ordered to pay it back to you, there is no court managed system in place to see that your money is collected. What the judgment gives you is the legal right to garnish wages or find some other avenue to get the money. And without a lawyer, you may not be able to navigate the system to accomplish that. Stinks, doesn’t it? If you could get this party put in jail or something – great, but still no money. You want the money and if the party isn’t cooperating voluntarily, you could have a continuing battle. That is why Small Claims Court is really a joke. The judge rules in your favor, then you are back on your own to collect!!!! Good Luck!

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