Why isn’t my mom’s new charger working ?


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Okay, so, my mom’s charger recently broke for her Macbook, and so we went to BestBuy to get a new one (since she has to do taxes and whatnot). She tested it out in the store and it worked fine – the light turned green and then orange. When we got home, however, it failed to work.

We tried different outlets in different parts of the house, and we don’t know what is going on. This has happened with three different kinds of chargers so far – generic, the real deal, and some random hybrid one.

What’s going on?


I have problems with my Macbook charger as well. I have to wiggle it back and forth until the light comes on and then wait a second until it starts charging. After my first charger went out, I had to buy a whole new battery. Make sure it’s really the charger and not the battery.

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