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I have three computers hooked on a WIFI router all running windows XP Pro. Sp2. They all connect to the Internet fine.

One computer has allowed me access to it normally.

But the other Computer I can see it on the network but I cannot access it.

All I am getting is the message:
You might not have permission to use the network resource. Contact the administrator of the server to find out if you have access permissions. The network path was not found”. I have the sharing enabled and the NetBios over TCP/IP enabled.

Please advise how to solve this.


Are you able to ping the computer through the name and IP? I’m assuming you’re trying to access the other computer though UNC path, do you get the user/pass window? Is this account a local account on the computer you’re accessing? Make sure it has access by going to the “user accounts” on the Control Panel.

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