Racquetball Lessons

I need to find one of the best facilities and instructors for private

racquetball lessons.

Location: (in or close to)Santa Monica/Beverly Hills/Los

Angeles/Malibu/Marina Del Rey.

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Hi Inga,

Most of the racquetball/health clubs I've found for you online do not

say whether they have instructors or not. They are generally vague but

all include contact numbers. Since I'm overseas, it would be

impossible for me to call these clubs and ask what facilities for

racquetball they have. I could give you the names of these clubs and

contact numbers as an answer if you decide that is appropriate. Let me

know your decision.

Best regards,


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  1. Hi,

    Finding a good instructor and one that matches your personality is

    important to learning and liking this sport. I've included a lot of

    resources. You may find that the first one you contact is a perfect

    fit. I hope so, but if not, don't feel bad "firing" the instructor

    after a lesson or two.

    The California State Racquetball Association recognizes a few clubs in

    your area.


    In Canoga Park

    Spectrum Racquet Club

    In Torrance

    Rolling Hills Athletic Club


    Mid Valley Athletic Club

    Santa Clarita

    Santa Clarita Athletic Club

    There are also a couple in San Bernardino, but that's more of a trip

    for you.


    is a great site for finding clubs in your area. They've got a

    clickable map that loads pages of LA area clubs. It's a good resource

    if you're interested in the game. Gear evaluations, events and more.


    There's also the LA Athletic Club

    mentioned in the comments. It's in downtown LA and since it's not

    listed in the State Association, I'm not sure that the instructor

    would be a pro… normally the pros belong to associations in order to

    take part in tournaments and get ranked. That's why I listed the clubs

    recommended by your state association first.

    Meet and Play

    lists additional clubs – click on the more info link to find out if

    they have a pro associated with the club. For instance, if you click

    on the Trojans Racquetball Club link – you find that it's the club

    associated with USC and doesn't list any pro instructors.


    LESSONS with Fran Davis


    She is the coach of many champions and does private lessons. She's in

    the Bay area, but does "on the road" lessons. There's a phone number

    to contact her if you absolutely want the top coach.


    A sports store, has a service called "Dial-A-Lesson" which will locate

    a pro in your area. You can call (209) 982-0111 or email them for the

    information. http://members.tripod.com/~zimoline/ripdial.htm


    provides a service to match you with other players in your area. This

    is not a place for lessons, but if you want someone at the same skill

    level to practice with, it may be a good resource. You'll need to sign

    up and tell them a little about your skill level in order to use the

    service. It makes sense – they can't match skill levels if they don't

    get the info from you.


    I think the pros at the clubs near you should fill your needs. All of

    the contact information and addresses are listed on the CSRA site. If

    not the next couple of sites should do the trick.

    Search terms:

    California racquetball associations

    Have fun shopping for your dream club!


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