Raw/vegan Restaurants From Seattle to San Fran, Via Boise, Reno

I'm taking a two week trip running from Seattle, WA to Spokane, WA,

then to Boise, ID, then Reno, NV, then San Francisco, CA, then

Ashland, OR, then Astoria, OR, and finally back to Seattle, WA. I'm

looking for a list of restaurants along this general route which are

raw-food (primarily) and vegan (secondarily) oriented.

4 thoughts on “Raw/vegan Restaurants From Seattle to San Fran, Via Boise, Reno

  1. Hi,

    I'm sure that finding vegan restaurants outside urban areas can be a

    challenge. Fortunately, VegEats.com has compiled a thorough list of

    vegan restaurants throughout the United States. Although the site

    doesn't appear to have a list of raw-food restaurants, it appears that

    many of the vegan restaurants also offer that option.


    I've also compiled links to lists in some of the areas you mentioned:











    Northern California/Southern Oregon:


    Also, here are some other sites you may find interesting:

    All about raw food:


    Article on the challenges of vegetarian dining while traveling:


    You can find more restaurants using the following Google search term:

    vegan restaurants [name of city]

    I hope this helps. Have a safe and nutritious trip!


  2. The vegan links are very helpful, thank you. However I was hoping to

    get a more thorough list of raw-food restaurants in these areas; I

    know there are probably more than one in the San Francisco area, and

    one well-known one 'Organica' which I now cannot find out much about

    (like whether it still exists).

    Any thoughts here?

  3. Hi again,

    Because raw-food restaurants aren't all that common, there aren't many

    listings available of such restaurants. Some of the listings in the

    links above mention which restaurants serve raw food, and these

    listings also should help:

    Restaurants and Food Suppliers


    Living and Raw Foods


    Raw Connections (not many restaurants listed, but there are e-mail

    addresses you can use to get more info)


    I also came across another listing of vegetarian restaurants (although

    there aren't specific listings for vegan and raw-food eateries) that

    seems to be quite thorough:


    Finally, if you search on the following search term, I've discovered,

    you may come across some raw-food restaurants that aren't listed in

    the directories. Many of the links are to newspaper articles that

    mention specific restaurants.

    Google search term: "raw food" restaurant [name of city]

    I hope this gives you the information you need. Again, have a great




  4. I wasn't able to find anything current on Organica, and there are no

    telephone listings in the Bay Area for a restaurant by that name.

    There is a Renaissance Organica Cafe & Store in Glendale, but as far

    as I can tell there's no connection between the two.

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