Ref:prblem With Ghost on My Desktop

Briefly,my desktop is not accepting the second Ghost cd.Tt says

unabled to read cd,error message ***.txt,cannot read.

The next step I took was to hae a computer shop copy the "faulty

cd",which they did,I will call it "2nd b Ghost".The later cd when

tried on my desktop gave the same error message as the original cd.

My theory here is that a:"2nd b Ghost",is a corrupted copy of the

original,ie,original is scratched and therefore corrupted.

b:the only problem here is that the cd player will not read the

original or "2nd b Ghost".Therfore replacing the cd player being the

obvious solution.Before I buy another cd player ,I would like a expert


Personally,I think a: theory is more likely.

Therfore if I upload the original cd to a online storage location

could someone check the original cd for corruption?ie,why does my

desktop reject the cd,with error "cannot read cd ,file xxx.txt"?

Further clarificattion no problem.

Clarification of Question byaxil221-ga

Another way I can put this problem:Why is it my desktop cd player will

not accept the second ghost cd.It returns an error.

Could someone examin the cd and tell me why?

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