Reliability of Cheap Dmx Moving Light Fixtures (For Discos/theatre/concerts)

On, DMX-controlled moving light fixtures (a.k.a. scans or

scanners) by brands such as Eurolite and Stairville retail for less

than 200 UK Pounds. Sometimes people involved in lighting internet

forums dismiss these as a 'waste of money', but there are few

first-hand reports of either longevity or failure.

More prestigious brands such as Martin, Robe, High End and Vari*Lite

sell broadly comparable equipment for thousands of pounds.

I would like to know:-

Aside from normal lamp replacement, how long can I expect these low cost

fixtures to last before they malfunction? This is considering

careful use, about one day per month.

Models of particular interest are:-

Stairville SC250 PRO a.k.a. ACME iSolution iRock IR-7S


My research so far has included seeking out product reviews on retail

sites and searching these web forums:-

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