Religion and Music in Cold Mountain North Carolina 1864

In the movie Cold Mountain, what kind of church was it that Ada Munroe

attended? AND What was the history of that religion/faith? i.e. if it

was a Baptist Church, where did that church/faith have it's origins

(i.e. European Lutheran, Protestant, etc)? AND What kind of church or

religious practice would the black slaves of Cold Mountain 1864

attended or participated in? AND

What kind of religious music did the blacks slaves of Cold Mountain

1864 sing? AND Where can I get access to recordings and printed scores

of this music?

Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga

Ada Monroe's father is a Protestant Christian minister, but I don't

recall any denomination ever being mentioned in either the movie or

the book. Small-town churches, then and now, are often


Regarding the songs of black slaves, you may find this site useful:

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