Remix of Song California Dreaming

I'm trying to find a cover/remix of the song California Dreaming that

I heard while at the bar in The Cheesecake Factory. The cover/remix

had a very smooth "Sade" sound with a female vocalist (although it

almost certainly was not her). I've looked around and there's lots of

remix/covers and none of them on iTunes is the one I heard. I would

like to find the artist and where to buy; ideally I would like to be

able to hear a clip of the song to be sure it's the one I want.

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Hello thomas67-ga,

Is it possible that the singer was Queen Latifah? Although she is

best known as a rapper and recently an actress, on her most recent CD,

?The Dana Owens Album?, she *sings* pop, blues and soul standards.

California Dreamin' is track #7.

The Dana Owens Album

Queen Latifah


Clarification of Question bythomas67-ga

thanks, that sounds like the one i heard – if you'll post this as an

answer i'll be able to close it as answered.

One thought on “Remix of Song California Dreaming

  1. Hello thomas67-ga,

    I?m glad I was able to identify the singer for you.

    California Dreamin' appears on Queen Latifah?s 2004 CD ?The Dana Owens

    Album?. Dana Owens is Queen Latifah?s real name.

    The Dana Owens Album

    Queen Latifah

    For more information about Queen Latifah and ?The Dana Owens Album?,

    see the following links:

    Queen Latifah

    Queen Latifah

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Search Strategy:

    I searched for the song title ?California Dreaming?. I

    then scrolled through the list of performers of ?California Dreaming?

    and ?California Dreamin?? for one that fit your description (?very

    smooth "Sade" sound with a female vocalist?). I was familiar with

    Queen Latifah?s latest CD. When I saw her name, I thought she could be

    a match so I listened to the clip.

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