Repository of Novel and Film Ideas

Is there anywhere in existence a pool or repository of ideas for

fiction–a place where somebody like me can post or offer an idea that

somebody else, say a scriptwriter, could take and develop into a

full-blown product?

I have a lot of interesting ideas, but realistically I know that I am

not going to develop them. However, if they were made into a movie, I

would love to go see them. So I am not concerned about protecting

them. I'd offer them free to someone who has the means and machinery

to turn them into something.

So I am just wondering if there is any central posting place where

homeless creative ideas might meet people who could take them in and

give them some support.

For instance, I saw this sentence in a story on CNN's website about

the election crisis in the Ukraine:

In Washington, meanwhile, the White House issued a statement saying

the United States is "deeply disturbed by extensive and credible

indications of fraud committed in the Ukranian presidential election."

And I thought: what a great idea for a movie! Turning the tables on

a couple of generations of spy stories, let's have a plot where the

Russian spies come into the U.S. secretly and do what we can't do for

ourselves–namely, uncover the true story of a fraudulent American

election and put things right (of course without their part in it

becoming known)–in order to force the American government to withdraw

from meddling in the internal politics of their nation.

Now, how could I put that idea before someone who might be able to make use of it?

Thank you,


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