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I am interested in finding some good "starter" resources on how to

submit pitches and unsolicited articles to magazines and publications.

I have no previous experience in the field, but would be interested in

trying to do this as a hobby.

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  1. Hello humberto~

    Possibly the very best resource for learning how to get published in

    magazines is "How To Write Irresistible Query Letters" by Lisa Collier

    Cool (available through bookstores, including Amazon:

    ) This is truly the only guide you need to learn how to pitch

    unsolicited articles to any magazine. It is trustworthy, realistic,

    and down to earth.

    While you're waiting for the book to arrive on your doorstep, the

    following articles may also be of interest:

    * "How to Break into Magazine Writing,"

    * "Seven Steps to Writing for Magazines, for Money" about WAHM:

    * "Writing for Magazines," Salon:

    In addition to the basics on querying magazines, you'll need to learn

    how to find potential markets. Often, you'll find potential magazines

    local newsstands. (Hint: Query the "managing editor.") But not every

    magazine is going to be available at your local bookstore or

    newsstand. Therefore, The Writer's Digest ( )

    becomes handy. This website (and, if you prefer, book) lists thousands

    of truly up to date magazine listings, what editors are looking for

    from freelance writers, and how to contact them. The advantage of

    using the website is that listings are updated daily, so you know

    you're always getting the latest, most accurate information.

    I also highly recommend that novice freelancers sign up for the

    Writer's Weekly newsletter( ). The

    website and newsletter provide how-tos, inspiration, and market


    Good luck!



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    Google searches: breaking into magazines, writing for magazines

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