Resources/methods For Finding Marketing Partner(S) For My Consulting Business

I am a freelance consultant specializing in high-end customized

business software development, including complex data-driven web

sites. I have a small but profitable set of clients, some of which I

bill in the 30-40K range a year.

I'm very good at the following: 1) closing a new client once a lead is

opened up (e.g. a potential client is found with some interest in

customized software development) and 2) servicing and maintaining my

clients. Most of my clients have been with me for years.

I have very little propensity for marketing, especially cold-calling.

I've come to realize that to grow my business I need to combine forces

with marketing-capable entities (whether these are people, services,

or automated tools), so I can focus on my strengths and not become

mired in the elements of my business where I am weakest. However, I

am conservative, and I do not want to simply dump a bunch of money in


My question is basically this: Where do I begin? I am not looking

for a list of the top marketing firms. I am not looking for

newsgroups (I've tried these and have gotten no response). I'm not

looking for a way to write a want-ad for a marketer.

What I am looking for is either:

A) A way to find someone who has the ability to market (cold-call,

provide openings, etc.), who might be willing to work on commission

basis (I could offer this person a 10-15% of a clients take, which,

per client, will most likely be in the thousands).


B) A very cost-effective method to end up with the same result, which

basically is a continuing list of potential leads to clients

interested in customized software development.

I don't want a one-off solution. I need a continuing process. In

that regard, option (A) above would be preferable. However, I am open

to anything that will provide me leads.

I am based in South Florida and a client in my region is always

preferable, but I can service clients anywhere in the country.

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