Rides at State Fairs

I want to know what State Fairs are using Sky Lifts (a chair lift) and

who the owners and operators of these sky lifts are.

Request for Question Clarification bypafalafa-ga


A few questions, if I may:

1. Can you give us a bit of a description of the Sky Lifts? What

sort of device are they? Is it a fair ride, or something used for


2. Is "Sky Lifts" the tradename for these things, or a name commonly

used by fair folks? I do not see much reference to this term in the

context of state fairs.

3. Anything else you could tell us about your interest here would be

helpful in researching your question.



Clarification of Question bymrsnow-ga

Sky Lifts are ski lifts that have been put in State Fair venues; they

run slower (about 200 feet per min) and are installed on a permanent

basis. They may or may not be run by the individual that is the

operator of the midway. Here are some that I know of–SC State Fair

(I want to know who ownes/operates this one) Ga. National Fair (I

know who owns/operates this one)

Florida State Fair (I want to know who operates this) Kansas State

Fair (I want to know this one) the Mississippi State Fair (I want to

know whis one) the West Palm Beach Fair (I want to know this one)

there is also a company calle Sky Fair out of Contoocook, NH that

operates 12 or so installations (I want to know where)—They are

sometimes called "Sky Lifts" but are chair lifts from ski areas that

have been reworked and reinstalled at fair venues–I want to get into

the business of providing rides of this type and it would be helpful

to know where the New Hampshire people have lifts; I also need to know

the ownership of the ones that I spoke about–this is the most

important part of the question–good luck

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