Romance Book Title

Looking for the title and author of a book published by Mills & Boon

sometime in the period 1995- 1998. It is set in France, the hero is

French and the heroine English.

The story takes place in the 90's. It

is about a british girl who is visited by her late husband's cousin

and is asked to come to France with him for 3 (or 6) months, to work

for him in his stables.

I think the girl has a sister she loves very much back in England and a

father she doesn't get along with.

The book was published in the UK.

Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga

I worked on this question (and failed to find an answer) the last time

you posted it, in 2002. If you have any additional details, please let

us know. Sometimes even a tiny bit of information can lead to success.

One thing that could be very helpful would be characters' names, if

you can remember any.

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