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I need to find the title of a book but i do not know the author or the

character's name. It is about this girls who works in a vineyard in

the Us and catching the eye of the french owner. Altough they get

together for a while, they move on and never forget each other. he

marries and she studies french in college to be close to him. he moves

back to france. where she goes and sees him but she loses her nerve

when she finds out he is married. finally they get back together and

the only condition that he has is that she not have children. the book

ends with him helping deliver the thier twin babies. I am desparate to

find the title

Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga

Hi jmas24-ga,

Could this be the book?


Clarification of Question byjmas24-ga

Hey rainbow, that is not the answer-maybe this added information will

help. She does not have any siblings and has an unstable relationship

with her father. It is a longer book, not a seris book from harliquin.

I read it about 10 years ago. I want to say his name is sabastion, but

i do not know if that is right or not. the reason, I believe, he does

not want to have kids is because something happens to his wife. I

think the reason thier marriage did not work out was because they lost

a child or they could not concieve. She goes and sees him and his

family in france, but does not let him know that she is there. She has

short red hair. and from what I remember in the beginning of the book,

sorta looks like a tomboy.I hope this helps, I really want to find

this book.

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  1. Hi jmas24,

    I believe I have located the book you are looking for. The book is

    called "Miracle" by Deborah Smith.

    From a customer review in Amazon:

    "When this story starts, Amy Miracle is a poor 18 yr. old daughter of

    a former circus clown. Her father is abusive to her and because of

    this she feels very unlovable…Sabastien deSavin is a very capable

    heart surgeon whose father owns a large vineyard in France…When he

    was a child his mother and two siblings were killed in an automobile

    accident, leaving him the only survivor. The bitter memory of this has

    left him a very angry young man…When he and Amy's paths cross he is

    just finishing his stint in an American Hospital and is soon to leave

    for Africa for two years before returning to France…Amy falls in

    love within the very short weeks that she spends with Sebastien.

    Sebastien leaves for Africa as planned and repressed his feeling for

    Amy…He continues to live his life in France and experiences more

    loses and disappointments. He returns to America and buys a vineyard

    in California…Unknown to him, Amy has a career as a comedienne and

    actress after completing college…In the 10 years they have been

    apart they each held their love of each other buried deep in their

    hearts. When their paths again cross they find that their love and

    desire for each other is as strong as ever…Their lives still have

    some rocky roads ahead."

    You can view the back cover here:

    This book is available for purchase at Amazon:

    Search strategy:

    After trying various search words, the phrase that led me to this book was vineyard california sabastian OR sabastien

    I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions regarding my answer,

    or believe this is not the book you remember, please don?t hesitate to

    ask for further assistance before rating.

    Best regards,


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