Sale of Food Services by State Universities

Have any state universities sold their food services to independent

corporations? And if so which ones?

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  1. Hello glenayd-ga,

    There is a growing trend toward outsourcing university auxiliary

    services and outsourcing food services is the leader in this movement

    to privatization. I’ve collected some articles for you to get an

    overview of what is happening. As you requested, I’ve also identified

    some state universities who are already outsourcing their food

    services. Good luck with your project.





    The Perils of Outsourcing Campus Food Services

    ***** This is a three page article addressing the most frequently used

    justifications for outsourcing campus food services and cautioning

    against it.

    College and University Outsourcing Survey (NACUBO 2002)

    Food service heads the list of services currently outsourced in 2002.

    ***** This is a six page report giving you a comprehensive overview of

    university outsourcing. It includes several graphs to help you

    visualize the current trends.

    National Association of College & University Foodservices

    ***** This is a portal site for people in the industry and offers a

    wealth of resources including news and journal articles that you might

    find helpful for further research.

    NACUFS Case Study: The Use of Operating Ratios by Campus Food


    ***** This is a 16 page paper on the financial aspects of university

    food services.

    National Association of College Auxiliary Services

    ***** This site offers a searchable library of articles available for

    download. The section on Articles on Privatization will be of special

    interest to you. When you search on “food service” you get a list of

    29 articles – some of them dealing with outsourcing and privatization.




    Southeast Missouri State University

    The Budget Forum

    Outsourcing — The process of purchasing services from outside

    suppliers rather than performing them internally. Outsourcing is used

    when internally there is a lack of expertise or physical space, and/or

    when outsourcing is more economical. An example of outsourcing at the

    University is the hiring of Chartwells to provide food services.

    Changes could improve Food Services

    Arkansas State University will outsource its Food Services department

    to a national company, in hopes to improve service and quality for

    students and decrease expenses for the university. … Haynes said he

    has already met with three national firms interested in developing a

    proposal with ASU. They are: Sodexho-Marriott, Chartwells Inc., and

    Aramark Inc.


    The University of Louisiana at Monroe and ARAMARK are forming a

    partnership called the ULM Dining Services. The ULM Dining Services is

    outsourcing all food service operations to ARAMARK.

    Oklahoma Higher Education Considers Efforts to Privatize Services

    To maximize the use of public funds, Oklahoma colleges and

    universities are continuing to evaluate the benefits of using private

    businesses to manage or operate university programs, provide services

    or conduct public projects, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher

    Education recently announced. ….

    The study shows that outsourcing has increased from an average of 4

    activities in 1998 to an average of 29 activities in 2000.

    Additionally, every public college, university and higher education

    center is outsourcing at least one business affairs or auxiliary

    enterprise activity. Among the 32 institutions, the University of

    Central Oklahoma, Langston University, Oklahoma City Community College

    and Rogers State University reportedly outsource the largest number of

    activities. ….

    The most commonly outsourced activities in colleges and universities

    are food services, laundry, construction projects, vending, janitorial

    services, elevator and vehicle maintenance, bookstores, and office

    equipment repair and maintenance.




    outsourcing university food services

    outsourcing state university "food services"

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