Sales Figures – Erotica/romance Novels Ebooks?

Romance and/or erotic ebooks are said to be a rapidly growing trend in

publishing. As a sometime author, I am interested in how many books a

top-selling author of romance/erotica actually sells. However, I am

unable to discover sales figures for any book or author. Typically, I

uncover information such as: "Sales vary according to many factors.

Some books earn $200, some $20,000." An answer so general is no help

at all. I am not interested in an "average" figure, which is

meaningless. Nor am I interested in how much a first-time or

beginning author might earn. (It's a given that beginning writers

earn little or nothing.) The only valid measurement of an author's

success is the number of books a particular title has sold. If you

have specific information, please respond. Please provide titles

and/or authors. Author pseudonyms are acceptable.

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