Samba Dance School in Hamburg

I'm looking for a samba dance school in or near Hamburg (Germany). In

this case "samba" means the way many Brazilians dance during carneval,

e.g. solo dancers or in groups. I believe there are several dances with

different names including samba. What I am not asking for is samba as

it is teached usually in german (perhaps european) dance schools or

for round dance like other couple dances. So I am not interested in

such usual dance schools, except they are teaching brazilian samba, too.

Which samba dance schools are there in Hamburg or up to 50 km

distance? If there are none in that area, which are the nearest of

other areas?

Please give me contact information and a web site link, if there are



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Dear puigona,

Finding a samba dance school of the kind you have in mind proved more

difficult than I thought. There are many samba groups in Hamburg, but

not a single samba school. The only German samba school I found

through extensive research that fits with your definition is located

in Berlin, 250 km from Hamburg. Would you be interested in contact

information for it?

Best regards,


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I hoped that there would be a nearer one. But yes, I am interested in

contact information.

thx. PA.

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The following dance school lists Samba among their available courses:

ADTV Tanzschule Sven Melfsen


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