Sci-Fi Book of Gaint Spiders That Took Over Earth

OK I read book about 20 years ago it was the first in the series and I

want the name of the book and the author the ISBN Number would be nice

as well. The Story was thus.

Book Type : sci-fi

Story : "There was a young boy who lived in the wilds in a tribe type

enviroment he was captured by a race of gaint spiders (that took over

the earth) to prop up their human breeding program who they used for

food and slave labour. He ofcourse escaped found a very powerful gun

that could destory cities"

Request for Question Clarification byrainbow-ga

Could it be part of the Tripod Trilogy series?


Clarification of Question byknarf_scot-ga


it was giant spiders and they ate people and enslaved them for labour.

It was the first part of 3 books I believe. It was set in future


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  1. Hi knarf_scot,

    I believe the series you are looking for is "Spider World" by Colin

    Wilson, which has had several editions printed. It's a little

    confusing to try and determine which book you actually read, because

    in the Ace editions, Vol I was "The Desert" and Vol II was "The

    Tower". In other editions by other publishers, Vol I is "The Tower".

    At any rate, the following link gives an excellent synopsis of the

    story along with photos of the newer editions.

    Spider World by Colin Wilson

    "The imaginative setting of the series title is the result of a

    catastrophic change in the earth's biosphere. Virtually all of human

    history, including the knowledge of when and why the earth changed, is

    lost except for vague legends. Insects and spiders have evolved into

    giant creatures and are capable of varying degrees of intelligent

    thought; spiders, having previously used their mental power to cow and

    control their prey, have evolved into the top species of this new

    order. They believe themselves perfectly justified in this role, since

    they see humans, with their inherently violent tendencies, as

    inferior; they also remember how humans used to treat them. A few

    groups of free humans exist, dwindling under the combined threat of

    hunting spiders, the less intelligent but just as hungry predators of

    the insect world, and even many plants which have now grown to a size

    and malignancy that can kill humans easily.

    The first book in the series, The Tower, introduces Niall, a child in

    a small clan of humans who live in primitive, post-apocalyptic squalor

    in the desert. Hiding in caves, venturing outside with small, furtive

    motions, the humans of Niall's clan are defined as "prey" in the food

    chain of their world. They scavenge, living like parasites on the

    excretions of plants and insects in the desert when hunting goes badly

    or is thwarted by a squad of spiders flying over the desert in silk

    balloons. Niall and his family are losing their struggle to survive:

    successive crises have worn them down and a desperate gamble to save

    the family ends in tragedy. After a visit to a hidden city of humans,

    Niall does the unthinkable: he confronts and kills a spider. Bent on

    rooting him out, the vengeful spiders eventually enslave him and his

    family, taking them to the spider city."

    The older editions will look differently:

    GRAFTON photos

    Spider World I The Tower II The Delta III The Magician


    83. Spider World: The Tower. 1987. The first volume in the Spider

    World Trilogy. This was split into three parts published separately by

    Ace Books in the US. Fiction.

    84. Spider World: The Delta. 1987. The second volume in the Spider

    World Trilogy. Fiction.

    99. Spider World: The Magician. 1992. The third volume in the Spider

    World Trilogy. Fiction.


    The Desert Book 1: ISBN 0-441-77810-0

    The Tower Book 2: ISBN 0-441-77811-9

    The Fortress Book 3: ISBN 0-441-77813-5

    The Delta Book 4: ISBN 0-441-77814-3

    Spider World ACE


    The Tower Book 1: ISBN 0-586-07288-8

    The Delta Book 2: ISBN 0-586-06371-4

    The Magician Book 3: ISBN 0-586-20557-8

    Shadowland Vol IV

    Spider World GRAFTON

    Spider World, various editions

    There's a printing history here: Wilson, Colin

    Abebooks search: Colin Wilson: Spider World

    BookFinder Used Book Search for Spider World: Tower*&world_english=on&binding=*&isbn=&keywords=&minprice=&maxprice=&classic=on&currency=USD&mode=advanced&st=sr&ac=qr


    The Tower (Spider World): Imagine a world where creatures are no

    longer small and use their terror-inspiring abilities to paralyze the

    minds of those who might oppose them. But one boy has the gift of

    seeing into minds of other living things, disclosing them for what

    they are. Suddenly, it is the "masters" who are afraid.


    The Delta (Spider World): Niall's only hope of freeing his people

    from the rule of the terrible Spider Lord is to find within the Great

    Delta the evolutionary catalyst that made insects and spiders large

    enough to take over the world. His telepathic gifts are instrumental

    to the successful completion of his quest.


    The Magician (Spider World): Niall, ruler of the spider city and

    favoured by the alien-goddess Nuada, is horrified by the brutal murder

    of Skorbo, captain of the spider guard – an attack that threatens the

    delicate relationship between the spiders and humans who share the



    Shadowland (Spider World): Volume 4 in the "Epic Visionary Fiction"

    Series. Niall's adventures continue his development to the point that

    his powers are almost super-human, but in Shadowland, the magician's

    powers are far greater. The two soon become involved in a contest of


    Phew, I hope that isn't too confusing! If this isn't the correct

    series, or if you have any questions, please post a clarification

    request and wait for me to respond before closing/rating my answer.

    Thank you,


    I originally found the book by searching abebooks for: spiders science

    fiction trilogy

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