Science Fiction Book

i am looking for a science fiction paperback novel from the late 60s-

maybe the early 70s. the publisher was a major new york one like

dell. it was about a man who has adventures in the business world.

he tuirns out to be a norse god- at the end of the book he becomes a

hindu god dreaming the world as well as his previous adventures. i

think the author's last name began with a Z or a letter toward the end

of the alphabet. it was NOT zelazny.

if you can provide a link to the book on amazon i would be grateful.

thank you.


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Science Fiction Book

I am looking for a book about a man who dies then wakes up 30? years

earlier in time and lives his life again. This continues to happen to

him over and over again but each time he "wakes up" its closer to the

time of his death. He eventually meets a woman who has the same thing

happening to her. I really would like to know the author and title of

this book.

Request for Question Clarification bypinkfreud-ga

Please let me know if this sounds like your book:

"In this intriguing fantasy adventure, Jeff Winston, a failing

43-year-old radio journalist, dies and wakes up in his 18-year-old

body in 1963 with his memories of the next 25 years intact… Jeff's

knowledge soon becomes as much a curse as a blessing. After recovering

from the shock (is the future a dream, or is it real life?), he plays

out missed choices. In one life, for example, he falls in love with

Pamela, a housewife who died nine minutes after Jeff; they try to warn

the world of the disasters it faces, coming in conflict with the

government and history. A third replayer turns out to be a serial

killer, murdering the same people over and over. Jeff and Pamela are

still searching for some missing part of their lives when they notice

they are returning closer and closer to the time of their deaths, and

realize that the replays and their times together may be coming to an


Clarification of Question bygoldenone-ga

Yes! That is the book. Is it called Replay? I read it about 15 years ago.

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  1. Your book is "Replay," by Ken Grimwood.

    "The possibility of traveling back in time to relive one's life has

    long fascinated science fiction writers. Without a single gesture

    toward an explanation, this mainstream novel recounts the story of a

    man and a woman mysteriously given the ability to live their lives

    over. Each dies in 1988 only to awaken as a teenager in 1963 with

    adult knowledge and wisdom intact and the ability to make a new set of

    choices. Different spouses, lovers, children, careers, await them in

    each go-round of the past 25 years, as well as slightly altered

    versions of world events. Their deep commitment to one another

    continues through the centuries of their many lifetimes…

    Jeff Winston, a forty- three year old man who is trapped in a stale

    and loveless marriage with a dead-end job as the icing on his personal

    cake. In 1988, Jeff has a fatal heart attack and wakes up in 1963 as

    his younger self, an eighteen year old college student. After his

    initial shock wears off, he realizes that he remembers what the future

    holds. Using that knowledge, he goes about trying to improve his life

    the second time around, only to die again at forty-three and have to

    replay his life, over and over.

    Along the way, Jeff tries to correct his mistakes in judgment and

    develops a new perspective on life. He also discovers that he is not

    alone in terms of the ability to replay one's life and finds a soul

    mate who shares a similar fate. Jeff ultimately discovers true love,

    romance, adventure, and a deep appreciation of life itself."

    Amazon: Replay

    If you're interested in buying a copy of "Replay," these price

    comparisons may be helpful:

    AddAll Book Search: Replay (Paperback)

    AddAll Book Search: Replay (Hardcover)

    I'm pleased to have been able to help you identify the book. If

    anything is unclear or incomplete, please request clarification; I'll

    be glad to offer further assistance before you rate my answer.

    Best regards,


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