Science Fiction Short Stories

Many years ago, I read a science fiction short story that I would like

to find again. Author unknown; title unknown. The setting was future

earth. It began with a high tech highway patrolman cruising in his

automobile. He comes upon a vagrant walking along the road. After

scanning him for weapons, illegal substances, disease, etc. he decides

to arrest him. (He even scans for body temp. and notes the vagrant's

temp. is sub-normal, which the patrolman attributes to drug use.) He

puts the vagrant in the cruiser to take him in, but is overpowered by

him. All hell breaks loose as the vagrant causes accidents, fires,

deaths of bystanders, etc. Ultimately, the vagrant kills the cop by

releasing a poison gas inside the car. The officer's last thought is

the realization that the vagrant's low body temp. was probably from

having taken the anti-toxin for the gas, prior to arrest. The point of

the story was that the "vagrant" was actually trying to stir up some

business. (In the future economy, firemen only got paid when they put

out fires; hospitals and doctors only made money when there were

injuries to treat; Same for the morgue, undertakers,etc. I forget

which profession the "vagrant" actually held, but it was one of those.

An interesting concept, one becomming closer and closer to reality as

our economy turns more and more on the service industries. Anybody

recognize this story line? I am wanting to locate a copy.

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