Sean Penn

Someone asked me what Sean Penn said (on stage) about Jude Law last

night at the Academy Awards, and I can't recall exactly. Can anyone

give me the exact quote?

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  1. "Sean Penn… showed he has no sense of humour when he arrived on

    stage to announce the best actress nominees. Before reading out the

    nominations, he decided to take issue with Oscar presenter Chris Rock

    over one of his jokes.

    Rock had opened the show by jokily saying: 'Why is Jude Law in every

    movie I go to see? He's playing gay, he's playing straight, he's

    British, he's American…'

    But Penn refused to see the funny side and felt he should stand up for

    Jude, with whom he's currently filming the drama All The King's Men.

    He said: 'Forgive my compromised sense of humour but I want to answer

    our host's question about who Jude Law is – he's one of our finest


    Sky: 77th Annual Academy Awards

    After this, Penn segued into his prepared speech about actresses by

    saying "What Jude and all other talented actors know is that for every

    great, talented actor, there are five actresses who are nothing short

    of magic."

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