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How do we change the description that is displayed in the search

results when our page comes up in a search.

We are and when our page comes is says

"Welcome to Adobe GoLive 4" Not exactly what we are looking for.


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Search Results

This site has been submitted to google for over 6 months and is still

not listed. What can I do to this site to get it top ranking on


(keywords: moving company, moving companies, movers new york, moving

company new york, etc)

What does the compitetion do differently to get 1st

placement (or top ranking) on google with the same keywords(just to

name a few).

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Search Results

Last week our baseball site had a PR-4, and was listed on the First

Page for a search on baseball gloves. This week it has a PR-6, but I

am still trying to find it under baseball gloves – I have found,,,

but am still looking for mine. Any logical reason(s) for this?

Request for Question Clarification byserenata-ga

Is there a URL to go along with the question? It would surely help a

Google Answers Researcher in answering your question.



Clarification of Question bydontknow-ga

Was looking for a generic explanation for such a drastic change (but

the url is Thanks…

Request for Question Clarification byaceresearcher-ga

Greetings, dontknow!

Generic explanations are often not helpful, since each individual site

may experience a drop in Search Results for any combination of quite a

number of reasons. That's why it's really important to provide your


I found your site at around 250 for the Search

baseball gloves

and at around 203 for

"baseball gloves"

However, I am not seeing an immediate reason as to why it would have

dropped in the Rankings.



Clarification of Question bydontknow-ga

If you come up with something please let me know. Im not much of a SEO

wiz, but seems like our site should come before, etc.


Clarification of Question bydontknow-ga

We change the verbiage a lot on the homepage (depending on the new

features, etc.). Is that something we should stop? Would that

typically change the search results so drastically (ie. if we change

the phrase baseball gloves to another line of products being

featured)? Thanks for any comments or advice…

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Search Results

Why cannot I find the "" site in my searches

through Internet Search Engines even though there is a site with that


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  1. Hi there,

    There can be many reasons why a website does not appear in the indexes

    of search engines. One is that no-one has told the search engines that

    it is there – each search engine requires you to submit your URL to

    them. The place to do this fot Google is at:


    After submission it can take 1-2 months before the site shows up in

    search results.

    The other reasons all revolve around the site being rejected by search

    engines. Some of these are:

    – Cloaking.

    – Writing text or create links that can be seen by search engines but

    not by visitors to your site

    – Participating in link exchanges for the sole purpose of increasing

    your ranking in search engines.

    -Sending automated queries to Google in an attempt to monitor your

    site's ranking.

    -Using programs that generate lots of generic doorway pages


    For, the culprit appears to be duplicate content.

    Many webmasters attempt to get double the listings in search engines

    by having the same content appear under two different URLs. In this

    case, these two URLs have the same content:

    Search strategy:

    Personal knowledge

    I trust this answers your question. If any portion of my answer is

    unclear, please ask for clarification.

    Best wishes,


  2. Please clarify why the culprit "double content" is not recognized or

    rejected by the search engines and what can one do to overcome that

    (if the site's double content cannot be changed by the owner). Thanks

  3. The first priority of search engines is to provide quality results to

    searchers. It is a waste of a searchers time if they follow two

    different links in the search results, yet see the same content in

    each. Google and other search engines compare the contents of all the

    pages in their index. If they find duplicate sites, the tendency is to

    remove them. Most of the time the offending sites will attempting to

    trick the search engines into having multiple listings of the same


    The solution is to remove or change the duplicated content. If your

    content is the same as the content on another site, and you do not

    control the content of the other site, then you have two options:

    1) Change or remove the content on your site

    2) Ask the other site to change or remove their content

    After the change/removal has been done, resubmit the site/s to the

    search engines, and wait for them to re-index the sites.

  4. My original question stands however; why would not the search engines

    take or choose at least one of these double content. My site is built

    on a web-space my internet provided (; I

    domain-forward my registered company name

    (; hence is the "double content" but no

    intention to trick the search engines. There is no other way that I

    can do this. Pleae further clarify. And thank you.

  5. I have yet to find an official explanation from any of the search

    engines of their methods concerning duplicate content. Anecdotal

    evidence concerning Google suggests that usually the site Google ranks

    the highest stays, and the other one is removed. Sometimes instead of

    removing such sites, Google just assigns it a rank of zero.

    I suspect it has a lot to do with the method of duplication. There are

    many large websites that have regional mirrors to help spread the

    bandwidth – they do not appear to penalised.

    In your case, rather than having the same words and images, but at two

    different URLs and stored on two different servers, you have two URLs

    using the same content from the same server.

    My educated guess is that when Google finds a web page which only

    contains a single frame, which fetches content from a different

    website, it doesn't like it. I'm sure the exact answer would be quite


    There was a discussion on this at WebMasterWorld:

    Another solution to your situation would be to use a robots.txt file

    or META tag at one of the sites, so that the search engines ignore it.

    More info:

    If the site that you don't want to be on search engines is: – give it a robots.txt or META tag to exclude all

    robots, and resubmit both URLS – remove the index.html file, and submit the full URL to

    the search engines (they won't find it, so will remove it):

    Save the old index file under a different name, say:

    and change the redirection at FoodPhilosopher to point to this new

    page. If nobody links to frame_index.html, and no-one tells the search

    engines that it is there, then as far as search engines are

    concerned… single content.

    Then resubmit the URL for FoodPhilosopher.


    Good news: AltaVista has one of the sites indexed:

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Search Results

how can the search results limit returned by google be increased?

curently the most results the engine will return is 800 pages x 100

results. Eg:

A search for "increase search results" produces this maximum result:


Even though it has indexed more results than this, this is the highest

number of results it will return.

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