Seeking Healing Retreat in Southern California

I'm looking for a healing retreat within 4 hours of Los Angeles, that

caters to people suffering from chronic illness (fibromyalgia in my

case) AND the emotional issues that accompany such illnesses. Ideal

duration of the retreat would be 4-5 days, although other durations

would be considered. I'm seeking a caring and nurturing environment

(a peaceful locale is a plus) in which to work with qualified

professionals who are experienced in dealing with these issues. I'm

familiar with the Esalan Institute already and this is not what I'm

looking for, as they offer many different workshops…whereas I'm

looking for a dedicated program. I'm also not interested in anything

that is TOO "new age"….although a spiritual/metaphysical inclination

is most welcome.

Request for Question Clarification bywebsearcher-ga

Hello nerv:

Thanks for the interesting question. I believe that I can help you,

but I need some further information first.

* When you say "within 4 hours of Los Angeles", is that 4 hours by car

or 4 hours by plane?



Clarification of Question bynerv-ga

4 hours by car (the less drive time the better)…I don't like to fly!

Thanks for your help!

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