Seeking Public Domain Image of Marcus Garvey

I am searching for a public domain image of Marcus Garvey.

This is going to be used in a television show, so I need insure I have

the right to use the photograph. I do not want to pay extra for the

photo, but I do not mind crediting the photographer. So I need the

photo, and a link to copyright information of the photograph showing

that it is in the public domain, and that it can be used for such a

project. Thanks in advance!

I am looking for other pictures as well, please check my other questions!


One thought on “Seeking Public Domain Image of Marcus Garvey

  1. Here's a beautiful print for use:

    Note that there are links here to high-resolution copies of this photo.

    The link (near the top of the page) to Bibliographic Information

    indicates that there are no known restrictions on the use of this

    image by the public.

    When you credit the photo, remember to include Google Answers along

    with other sources!



    search strategy — searched Google Images for [ marcus garvey site:gov ]

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