Selling Promotional Products to Mcdonalds

I am interested in selling promotional products to McDonald's for

possible use as fundraising products. The bottom line is I want to

contact someone so that I can advertise my products to them. Please

provide me with a primary contact, name, position, email, work address

of the best person to contact. If McDonald's is not available, I would

appreciate any company along the lines of Burger King, Kentucky Fried

Chicken / Taco Bell, Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc. Please contact me for any

clarification of questions. Thank you very much for

your time.

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Hello wataru210-ga,

Generally, organizations as large as McDonalds (or any of the others

that you have identified) will not specify individual contacts. There

are a few reasons for this:

1. They don't want to be flooded with suppliers looking to build a relationship

2. There are typically numerous people responsible for this function

and delegation of relationships with specific suppliers is done


3. They want to maintain control over the supplier – giving you a

specific person's contact information would be detrimental to that


That being said, I have found mailing addresses for each of the areas

in which McDonalds uses suppliers. Would this information suffice as

an answer?



Clarification of Question bywataru210-ga

Thank you for your response. Would you happen to have a telephone

number and/or email address for each of the areas which McDonald's

uses suppliers? If we sent a letter to any of the areas, it would be

impossible to follow up with the letter unless it goes to a specific

individual. Therefore, I am hoping that by contacting them by

telephone and/or email address, maybe I can obtain some possible

contact names. Please let me know.

Request for Question Clarification byanswerguru-ga

I'm sorry, but after much searching and phong tag, I was not able to

obtain specific individuals connected with the supplier areas. What I

did find was a single number for the McDonalds headquarters in

Illinois. Upon calling them at this number, I was able to ask for

representatives in various departments, but they seem quite insistent

that contact information not be distributed.

If the mailing information as previously described, along with that

general phone number, is of value to you, please let me know. I

realize that it may not be worth the full list price that you are

offering, and so if you would like to repost the question (directed to

answerguru-ga) for a more appropriate amount, that would be fine.

Let me know how you would like to proceed.



Clarification of Question bywataru210-ga

Sorry, I would definitely need a name.

To anybody else that can answer my question:

Please note that I require a name (their position), telephone number,

and their mailing address in order for the answer to be complete. I

will pay $50 for each contact. Additional contacts will be tipped for

at time of answer rating.

Request for Question Clarification bypafalafa-ga

OK, I'll bite.

Here's one contact:

Sue Cox

Director Marketing

McDonald's Corporation

McDonald Plaza

Oak Brook, Illinois 60523


Althought the phone number is generic, the rest of the details are quite specific.

Is this the sort of thing you're after? Let me know.


Clarification of Question bywataru210-ga

This is very close to perfect. If I can get a direct line, or an

extension number in addition, that would be fantastic. Please let me


2 thoughts on “Selling Promotional Products to Mcdonalds

  1. wataru210-ga,

    I'm glad to hear that the information I provided hit the mark for you.

    I've continued searching, and have found some other contacts that I

    think you will be pleased to have.

    Since these were pulled off of various different sources on the web,

    they may not all be absolutely current. However, I think you'll find

    that most of them include valuable and valid contact information.

    Very few sources provide direct phone numbers. This is simply the way

    of the world, and you'll need to deal with the operator at the "front

    desk" before you can get through to your contacts. However, the email

    addresses may well provide direct contact. Note that not all of the

    contacts are HQ-based…a few are at McDonald's regional offices.

    Best of luck in your ventures. If you need any additional

    information, just let me know.



    Contacts at McDonald's

    Barbara Shaben

    Director of Marketing


    7600 Wisconsin Ave

    Bethesda, MD 20814

    The top guy at Mcdonald's is Charlie Bell.

    What the heck, might as well give him a try:

    Charlie Bell

    President, McDonald?s Corporation

    21111 McDonald?s Drive

    Oak Brook, IL 60523

    Phone: 630-623-3000

    Toll free: 800-244-6227


    Jackie Hooper

    Senior Director, Operations

    McDonald's Corp.

    2111 McDonald's Drive

    Oak Brook, IL 60523


    [If you have a diversity angle to your product, you might want to

    consider this contact]

    Kevin Bradley

    Director of Diversity Initiatives

    1 McDonald's Plaza

    Oak Brook, IL 60523


    Margo Nelson

    [appears to be an assistant to senior executives at McDonald's, but no

    further information is available]

    Mark Carlson

    Creative Director, McDonalds

    2111 McDonald's Drive P2E

    Oak Brook, IL 60523


    Beth Bullock

    Regional Market Director


    [More menu-oriented than promotional, but still…]

    Deborah L McDaniel

    McDonald's Corporation

    Director Menu Management

    2915 Jorie Blvd.

    Oak Brook, IL 60523

    630/ 623-8037

    Secretary's Name: Judi Mertz

    Vicky Free

    Marketing Director

    McDonald's Corporation

    McDonald Plaza

    Oak Brook, Illinois 60523



    Again, let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

    search strategy — Google search on [ (director OR manager) marketing "" ]

  2. wataru210-ga,

    Thanks so much for the stars and the other nice feedback.

    My original search was exclusively focused on McD's, so I'm afraid I

    don't have any of the others at hand. However, you should certainly

    feel free to post an additional question letting us know what you

    need. There's nothing special about McDonald's that I know of…I

    think other restaurants can also be searched in similar fashion.

    Best of luck to you,


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