Setting Up Companies

Could someone cast light on my problem.Do you have to be a national of

a particular country to register a company in that country.For example

would you have to be a Swiss resident to open a company in

Switzerland?.The reson being I would find it beneficial to own a

company abroad.Any advice appreciated

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What would be the best way of going about buying a company in a

forgeign country for example France.The reson being I would like to

own company in name only.In the knowledge the company would be

registered in my name in that country.So any assets held by that

company would be legally held by me.

The particular assets I am talking about ,would be

a property I own in the United Kingdon.If you cannot explain

everything about purchasing a company at least try.Thankyou.

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My problem is how to buy a small business abroad.Really to have the

business in my name then register my property in the UK at the land

registary in Swansea with that business name.

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Some business, in name only.Typically in UK if you can have a business

in name only,ie a bit of paper.The registered addresse being a room in

a building where other businesses are registered.Also legally tight,

where no one can interfere with assets owned therein.

The advantege of having a business abroad ,it would give

me some sort of privacy .

As described above,a registered business without overheads.

If I were to transfer the ownership of my flat at Swansea

Land Registary from my name to the foreign business name (owned by

me).This being my objective.

The purchase of the business would cost something of

course.However the most important point being that it is

"legal".Ownership being legally sound in every respect.

Plus any corespondance being discreetly forwarded to my UK addresse.

The last important point being,moderate payments can be made

to a offshore account associated, with that business.All this is for

tax purposes.The business could originally be of any description.

Also hopefully the purchase of said business would be a matter of days

or weeks.Please advise.

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aI am looking for the foreign equilavent of registering a

business.Here in UK you can do it for around

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